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Wizard Tricks

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These wizards have a few tricks up their sleeves...

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Wizard Tricks is the psychedelic rebirth of Melbourne psych band Froot Luips, as a musical and creative outlet for multi faceted artist Clay Nielsen.


After exploring the vastness of the Melbourne music scene over the last 13 years in various bands (That'll Be the Day, Froot Luips, MUDPUNCH, Boarwhole, Deadnecks), Neilsen has created a new project under the guise of Wizard Tricks. Enlisting legends and good mates Angus Landy (The Marlenes, Froot Luips, MUDPUNCH, Donald Dank & the Naughty Boys), Issac Gibbons (Swag on the Beat) and Fergus Kuhar (Deadnecks, Trad Ukiyo, MUDPUNCH) to help him bring the WT vision to life.  Encompassing all that he's learned throughout his career to utilise his love for writing, recording and producing his own music. This collaboration has lead to the release of their debut self titled record.

Wizard Tricks is a bucket of loud, heavy, dreamy, fuzzy, psychedelic goodness. With creative riffage and catchy melodies. Paying homage to bands such as Thee Oh Sees, King Gizzard and Kikagaku Moyo, but with a distinct flair unique to WT.

Sasquatch, the lead single from the debut album has already caused a buzz, with its video clip debuting on RAGE


Wizard Tricks Debut self-titled album is out now on Giant Drop records! 



Wizard Tricks 

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GDR003 Release date 20/10/2021

Track listing:

1. El Hombre

2. Jam Sandwich

3. Artificial Pollinating Bee Machine II

4. Sasquatch

5. Goon Swamp

6. Sorcerers Labyrinth

7. Caduceus

8. Find The Sceptre

Spilt Milk (Froot Luips)


Release date 26/07/2018

Track listing:

1. Artificial Pollinating Bee Machine

2. Brain Felt

3. Whitetail

4. Ride The Serpent

5. Happy Babes

6. La Goon

7. El Tiawakee Monstro

8. The Raft

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