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Trad Ukiyo

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(especially of music) traditional.  


(浮世, "floating, fleeting, or transient world")

Comprised of members Gabrielle Di Mauro (vocals), Adriano Proscino (keys), Brandon Farrugia (bass) and Fergus Kuhar (drums). This Melbourne neo soul outfit meld elements of soul, hip hop, jazz and rnb to create a sonic hybrid that holds you like a sweet dream that you never want to wake from.

Since forming in 2019 the group have hit strides with their live shows. Delivering tight, cohesive performances that range from the soft and euphonious, to high energy jams with soaring vocals and blistering solos.

Their long awaited debut EP Floating, Trad Ukiyo is out now and will leave you floating away to a most peaceful place and state of mind.


Floating, EP

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Release date 05/01/2023

Track listing:

1. Drive Slow

2. On Hold

3. Fragile

4. Mind Reader

On Hold (single)

trad on hold.jpg

Release date 10/07/2020

Track listing:

1. On Hold

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