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The Marlenes

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“Advertise on the Moon is a wild ride through band leader Michael Procter’s kaleidoscopic musical mind.” Trouble Juice, 2020

The Mornington Peninsula pop ensemble, led by the ever-creative Michael Procter, with Eddie Tomas, André Pinochi, Angus Landy and Lachlan Meagher have grown from strength to strength with their brand of 60’s pop influenced, garage rock and dreamy psychedelia. 

The band has garnered a reputation as one of Melbournes most tenacious and productive bands, playing at iconic venues and local festivals throughout Victoria. Producing music that emphasis’s versatility in a smooth and epic motion, their releases Jumpin Cliffs EP (2015), Crawl Out Your Window (2016) and the ambitious album Advertise on the Moon (2020) have solidified their status as a creative force unafraid of evolving while still stying true to their roots.


In 2021 they released a follow up to AOTM with their catchy singles Jamaica Farewell pt II/ Judy Blue which were recorded on entirely vintage and analogue audio equipment. Available now on 7" vinyl.

2023 sees the release of their fourth studio album Beyond the Bump, featuring singles such as Too Late Now and the absolute crowd favourite song Cherry Tomatoes. The album ushers in a new era for the band as they explore different and unfamiliar aspects of life and pairing these experiences with jangly guitars and catchy melodies to create their most introspective album to date.

The Marlenes have a large following in Japan after their 2016 single Enchantment Under the Sea featured on the Japanese TV show Terrace House. For the past six years they have been contributing to the Melbourne music scene, as a band that have the rare ability to make you sing out, dance and ruminate. Sometimes all at the same time.


“The album finds Michael and his band tackling every idea and style available to them”- Trouble Juice, 2020


Beyond the Bump


GDR010 Release date 28/07/2023

Track listing:

1. You Mean the World to Me

2. Painting

3. Cherry Tomatoes

4. Prince of Persian Rugs

5. Someday We'll Have to Say Goodbye

6. Love Me

7. Too Late Now

8. Asshole

9. Taiwan

10. When We Fell In Love

11. Olive Street

12. Let's Call It a Day (Dance of the Six String)

Jamaica Farewell pt II/ Judy Blue, single

7 inch front.png

GDR001 Release date 29/04/2021

Track listing:

1. Jamaica Farewell pt II

2. Judy Blue

Advertise on the Moon

ad on the moon.jpg

Release date 11/05/2020

Track listing:

1. Back on the Tools

2. Boogie Board Boogie

3. Going to the Beach

4. Jazz Regrets

5. Lost in the Meaning

6. All That You See

7. Advertise on the Moon

8. Whilst the Ocean Moves

9. Breaking Out Of Touch

10. Cape Patterson

11. Don't Leave Me

12. Stay at Home Dad

13. Wooly Jumper

14. Flat Top Red Pickle

15. Grooves in the Garage

16. Daddy Long Legs

17. No Matter How Far

18. Where I Should Be

19. Ballad of the Unopened Letter

20. Surfing With Keeks

Crawl Out Your Window


Release date 01/07/2016

Track listing:

1. Last Glass of Port

2. Lay Back Wendy

3. My Blue Eyes

4. Enchantment Under the Sea

5. Million Dollar Mutt

6. Simple For You To Say

7. From Elwood to St. Kilda

8. Lick of Fear (Crown Casino Blues)

9. High School Alternator

10. Kangaroo Tales

11. Grandpa Bill's Crazy Dream

12. Lazy Saturdays

Jumpin Cliffs, EP

marlenes jumpin.png

Release date 01/05/2015

Track listing:

1. Do You Remember

2. Jumpin Cliffs

3. Honeysuckle Point

4. Black & Blue

5. Cakewalk

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