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Release Radar: Sherry Rich - The Divine Crimson V

Updated: Oct 28, 2021


Words by Blake Savanah

Sherry Rich delivers catchy country with her third solo album

Acclaimed singer songwriter Sherry Rich has finally unveiled her long awaited third solo album The Divine Crimson V.

The Melbourne based artist has had illustrious career, finding success with acts Girl Monstar, Cactus Fever and The Grapes, just to name a few, and has exceeded her past works with with this new album. Containing ten beautifully crafted songs abundant in lush vocal harmonies and exceptional instrumental backing.

From the opening track Standing in the Rain, the album gives me a strangely warm and nostalgic feeling. With its easy listening rock country jangle and twang. The songwriting and instrumentation is reminiscent at times of Paul Kellys Foggy Highway album, in the way it evokes familiar memories you may never have even experienced.

Her endearing lyrics span relatable themes of life with an aura of Australiana, while the music never strays too far from its Americana roots for which the country genre owes so much to.

It is fitting that an artist such as Sherry, who has worked with some of the finest musicians from Nashville, would have such a stellar backing band for The Divine Crimson V.

The electric guitar throughout the album is especially tasty, with thoughtful sections and well crafted solos laid down by Rick Plant (The Funky Miracle) and Ashley Naylor (Even, The Stems, The Grapes). Pedal steel provided by Mike Daly is the cherry on top, adding soaring tones to tracks like Half Moon Bay and Life Goes On.

My favourite track is Sunbird, a pretty and melodious tune with melancholy undertones. The vocal harmonies on this track are so vibrant and full, perhaps drawing inspiration from 60s folk artists Crosby Stills & Nash and Simon and Garfunkel.

Recorded at Kindred Studios in Yarraville, the production is clean and beautifully mixed. The deluxe vinyl release of the album comes with a companion artwork. An accompanying booklet of charming illustrated lyrics by Sherry herself. Perfect for the avid collector.

Sherry will be showcasing her art and music with an official album launch show at Kindred Studios band room, November 26. Tickets are free, but capacity is limited. Secure your spot here.

Listen to The Divine Crimson V here:

The Divine Crimson V is out now on all streaming platforms. Purchase your physical copy from Sherrys Bandcamp

Photos courtesy of Sherry Rich

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