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Release Radar: Jordan Deneka - Tangerine Beach

Updated: Oct 28, 2021


Words by Blake Savanah

Jordan Deneka's debut album impresses, with vast arrangements and silky production.


Geelong based artist and multi instrumentalist Jordan Deneka, has unveiled his colossal debut album Tangerine Beach.

Upon listening, it is hard to believe that this is only his first album. The songwriting, instrumentation and production are so refined, one might expect it to be a release from a more established artist. If you know Jordan though, it is no surprise he would attempt an album of such grand proportions.

Jordan is a musical mad scientist of sorts. Following his alternate Instagram page Organglass, we see the mind of an experimental musical builder, not afraid of tackling abstract ideas to achieve unique sounds.

He brings this fearlessness and willingness to expand his sonic horizons to Tangerine Beach. A 47 minute concept album, where every song seems to blend into or inspire the next. A lot of thought has clearly gone into the writing process here.

The opening track Sunset is a slow building, dream like song with an almost ominous drone organ swelling in the background. It bleeds into the following tune Here Lies the Sun, and explodes into an almighty jam, with riffage of epic proportions. The Pink Floyd influence is strong with this one.

What a huge way to start an album. From there on out, you're hooked.

An artist with elaborate visions, Jordan pours all of his creative outlets into every aspect of his music. The stained glass murals that grace the cover of the album were hand made by Jordan himself.

There is a spirit of holyness about the album, with many references, direct or indirect to church. From the stained glass on the front cover and choir like backing vocals, to the organs featured on most of the tracks. In fact, at times the themes of the LP are almost biblical in nature.

The beautiful tones and arrangements Jordan has achieved here are fully supported by excellent production quality. Engineered by Josh Andrews-O'Neil and mastered by Issac Barter.

This album is an absolute gem. Jordan Deneka has set the bar very high for his first full length release, I'm excited to see what direction his music takes in the future.

Heres hoping we see him gig this album over the next year as the world returns to normal.

Listen to Tangerine Beach here

Tangerine Beach is out now on all streaming platforms

Photos courtesy of Jordan Deneka

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