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Release Radar: Busted Chops debut EP


Words by Blake Savanah

Get funked, Busted Chops make an impact with their groovy debut release.


One of the most exciting live bands to burst on to the scene in recent times have finally given us a collection of songs to bop to from the comfort of home.

Busted Chops self titled EP captures the smooth vibe of cool jazz and mixes it with a generous dose of funk, to create a cocktail of groove fusion that is sure to quench your thirst.

Forming at university by band leader and saxophonist Jess Mahler (Lefleur, Barefoot Spacemen), alongside her brass partner in crime Matt Trigge (Barefoot Spacemen) on trumpet. The band is stacked with musical talent, with Ashleigh Howell (Gecko) on bass, Mia Rowland (Gecko) on drums and Dave Faulkner on guitar.

The group have a deep understanding and appreciation for jazz in a classic sense, but bring a modern feel and an aura of exhilaration to the stage, with their relentlessly energetic live performances that leaves not a single bum in a seat. Reminiscent of more contemporary acts such as Snarky Puppy, Ezra Collective and Kamasi Washington.

Jess Mahler and Matt Trigge performing live

From the opening track Sleep Dancing. The fluid tones of Mahler and Trigges flowing horns set the tone for the EP, blending in and out seamlessly with the driving rhythm section.

The duo have an incredible chemistry on stage which has translated beautifully into these recordings. To me, that is the essence of this EP. Capturing that live magic, bottling it up and still making it feel as special as being in the room with these fantastic musos.

The tracks are not overproduced, yet they sound super clean, with every instrument sitting in the mix perfectly. My only peeve with this release is that it's only 5 tracks long! Looking forward to Busted Chops season 2 hopefully very soon.

Listen to Busted Chops debut EP here

Heading photo by Jai Lafferty

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