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"Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right"- Robert Hunter

A Grateful Dead cover band? It's been done before?...  not quite like this

Spawned from the utmost appreciation for one of the greatest bands to ever do it. Deadnecks started out as a bit of fun jamming between friends, but has quickly grown in to something much more. With a growing following of loyal deadheads keen to hear the spirit and sound of The Grateful Dead encapsulated with a rare vigour and gusto. The passion project aims to revitalise counterculture movement of the 60's and early 70's on a small scale. With the band consisting of core members Fergus Kuhar,  Evan Sillence, Laura Murray and Blake Savanah and featuring Tom Bruckner and Tommy Brooks. They take the Dead's iconic music and using it as a vehicle for their expansive jams rooted in psychedelic rock, blues, bluegrass, country and jazz that roll right through you like a steam locomotive burning down the tracks.

As they are very much a performing band, and in the spirit of The Dead, every Deadnecks  release is a live recording. Their first release being the explosive live album Live at Kindred Studios 01/11/19. A full double set show recorded on a memorable hot night in November 2019.

Forced into a brief hiatus by the lockdowns as a result of the pandemic, Deadnecks emerged to play their first gig in many months, the soundboard recording of this show would be released as Live at The Mersh, Yarraville 04/12/21

In June 2022, they played a month long residency at Hotel Westwood, playing two sets every Saturday of the month and not repeating a single song. One of these shows was recorded on a handy recorder, bootleg deadhead style by a friend of the band, and has since been released as an official record titled Ned's Shreds Vol. 1: Hotel Westwood 11/06/22.

Additionally, the group also featured as the backing band for US singer songwriter M.Ward on his 2023 Australian tour, and appeared at Out On the Weekend festival 2022 performing A Celebration of Neil Young's Harvest with an all star line up, plus performing American Beauty and Workingman's Dead in their entirety.

They also had a notable appearance at the final ever Boogie Festival, where they recreated the Dead's classic Bickershaw 72' performance plus a bonus set of disco Dead. A 5 hour marathon show.

Deadnecks are the only band in town that can get close to the explorative nature of The Grateful Dead's music.


Australia '22


GDR009 Release date 23/06/2023

Track listing:

1. Terrapin Station Pt 1 - Sydney, 06/08/2022 

2. It Must Have Been the Roses - Sydney, 06/08/2022 

3. Playing in the Band Pt 1 - Sydney, 06/08/2022 

4. Terrapin Station Pt 2 - Sydney, 06/08/2022

5. Playing in the Band Pt 2 - Sydney, 06/08/2022

6. Easy Wind - Sydney, 06/08/2022

7. Not Fade Away/ Going Down the Road Feeling Bad - Sydney, 06/08/2022

8. Eyes of the World - Sydney, 06/08/2022

9. Samson and Delilah - Melbourne, 29/07/2022 

10. Viola Lee Blues - Melbourne, 29/07/2022

Ned's Shreds Vol. 1: Hotel Westwood 11/06/22

GDR006 Release date 05/09/2022

Track listing:

1. Here Comes Sunshine

2. Chinatown Shuffle

3. China Cat Sunflower / I Know You Rider

4. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo

5. Hard To Handle

6. Sugaree

7. Happy Birthday Maya

8. Dancing in the Street

9. Feel Like a Stranger

10. Help on the Way / Slipknot!

11. Franklin's Tower

12. Ramble on Rose

13. Dark Star, Pt. I

14. It Must Have Been the Roses

15. Dark Star, Pt. II

16. Sugar Magnolia

Live at The Mersh, Yarraville. 04/12/21


GDR005 Release date 18/08/2022

Track listing:

1. Dancing in the Street

2. Don't Ease Me In

3. Mississippi Half- Step Uptown Toodeloo

4. Help on the Way / Slipknot!

5. Shakedown Street

6. Althea

7. Birdsong

8. He's Gone

9. Playing in the Band (ft. David Balaban, Sushant Ullal)

10. Good Lovin'

11. The Music Never Stopped (1)

12. Sugaree

13. The Music Never Stopped (2)

14. Estimated Prophet

15. Eyes of the World

16. Dark Star

17. Ripple

18. New Speedway Boogie

Live at Kindred Studios: 01/11/19


Release date 18/09/2020

Track listing:

1. Monkey and the Engineer

2. New Speedway Boogie

3. Tennessee Jed

4. China Cat Sunflower/ I Know You Rider

5. Bertha

6. Casey Jones

7. Playing in the Band

8. Cumberland Blues

9. St. Stephen/ The Eleven/ Turn On Your Love Light

10. Truckin/ The Other One

11. Morning Dew

12. Scarlet Begonias/ Fire on the Mountain

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